Kai is an app to help end food waste by donating extra food to those in need.

Zengo is a budgeting app based on the EveryDollar App from Dave Ramsey, which is already a fantastic app. I wanted to challenge myself by redesigning it with a dark UI and different visual style.

User Personas

After completing user interviews, I made two personas. One is Karen who is a part of an organization that deals with a lot of food waste. Another user is a food pantry manager, Stacey, who need to receive the excess food and avoid the logistical issues they are currently facing.

User Flows

Simplicity is key for this app to allow users to donate as easily and quickly as possible without having to make an account, while still being able to track their food pickup visually.

Wireframes and UI Design

I wanted to continue the theme of simplicity with the visual style using bold colors and line icons to give a nice modern vibe.

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