Pure is the last internet filter you will ever need, to protect you and your loved ones.

Zengo is a budgeting app based on the EveryDollar App from Dave Ramsey, which is already a fantastic app. I wanted to challenge myself by redesigning it with a dark UI and different visual style.

User Personas

Pure's users are mostly targeted towards men who struggle with pornography as well as parents who want to protect their marriage and children from the pitfalls of the internet.

User Flows

Once the user signs up and installs the software on their specific device, they will be able to start monitoring internet activity while adjusting content ratings and screen time.

Wireframes and UI Design

I wanted to make sure that the web app experience is simple and clean with hints of color throughout. I also made a concept landing page to complement the app UI.

More Case Studies
Zengo is a simple budgeting app to help you stay on track financially.
Kai is an app to help end food waste by donating extra food to those in need.