Zengo is a simple budgeting app to help you stay on track financially.

Zengo is a budgeting app based on the EveryDollar App from Dave Ramsey, which is already a fantastic app. I wanted to challenge myself by redesigning it with a dark UI and different visual style.

User Personas

After completing user interviews, I made two personas. One is Jessie who is just coming out of college and overwhelmed with student loan debt. The second is Chris who is a little older and looking to start a family.

User Flows

I tried to keep the user flows as simple as possible with a clear and short sign up process to get the user's initial information and budget items, while giving them the option to fill in more items as needed.

Wireframes and UI Design

I worked on making a few mobile and web app screens with a dark UI style and using colors sparingly and purposefully. Overall, happy with the result of a simple and clean design.

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